is written under this statue in the UN-park in New York.

The statue was presented as a gift to the world society and United Nations, from the Sovjet Union in 1959.
It is symbolizing;

- The desire of man to disarm.

A signal to the world;

- To convert and create the sword, the weapons, and the means of destruction, - into creative tools, for the benefit of mankind.
- To end all war and violence.

At all times the sword has been used as a tool for force.
To conquer, rule and control, - express authority and exercise power.

The sword has developed.

Today into guns, cannons, missiles, bombs and granates, - hi-jacked civil planes, drones, suicide bombs, bacterial and chemical weapons.
- And nuclear weapons !


The sword today is so powerful, that we can wipe out each other completely.

It is necessary to call to mind !


All over the world we experience the sword.
- Weapons, violence, terror, - the use of force, police and soldiers.
And conflicts and violence continues.
Again and again it flares up.


The use of force does not conquer violence.
This because force and violence is of the same, nourishing each other.


Love succeeds.









The goal of United Nations is clear:

- A world without war and violence.
- Lasting peace.

The statue in the UN-park is telling:

Disarm !
- Beat the sword, - the weapons into another practice for peace !


To answer this;

- The sword is converted and created into;
A chime
, - a bell music instrument.

This to signal;
That we from today already, - can create and beat the sword into another practice, - than force and violence.

We can beat the sword;
- into music, - as defense against violence, - a tool for peace.

On the chime, - the bell music instrument; - is beaten THE PEACE SIGNAL

The signal sends out, - as music;

A global call, - to disarm

Global Disarm Call

Global Disarm Call
- is also out in 60 languages


World Citizens !


All Heads and Leaders of states and governments in the world !

Military leaders, soldiers, police, organizations, groups, and all single individuals in the world !




Beat your swords, your weapons, into another practice, for PEACE. 

To the children in the world, to their FREEDOM to rise with no more fear from war and violence !


DISARM !  -  LOVE !  -  UNITE !