instead of force all along

We are living in a difficult time.

With the use of force and violence.


And every day the society is fighting, - with continued use of force and weapons.

There is an alternative, - without the use of force and weapons:



Silence - Music - Song   …   are secure steps.   



Yes, because all in life is a rythm between Silence - Music - Song.


…  The silent mountain … the quite forest

…  Winter and spring  .…. night and day

…  The whispering wind ... the playing water in the brook ... the birds singing

…  The loving couple … the child playing … yes, every single one of us as well

       with our own voice … own breath.





Silence ...

We all need ... silence ... in our every day life.

In silence we find the rest we need … the thought and spirit of our own.

In silence we can listen to the world, ... connect with love, ... show respect, … and remember those we have lost.
In silence we find the strongest power in life.


The power of silence increases by music.


Singing is music.

Singing united with others is synergy.

And with love, the sound of Music - Song breaks any wall !


Silence - Music - Song

Still we have not, - used Silence - Music - Song strong enough, as a defence against fear and violence.


Still it remains to experience, - that we as peoples, states and continents united,

use SILENCE - MUSIC - SONG as our primarily tool for peace.








Because of the world situation, - it is necessary that we as individuals act with responsibility.


Likewise identify what we all truly are, world citizens.

And live together as fellow citizens, - in the global village we all belong


And like pulling rope:


Alone we may feel weak against many.

Stronger we become, when several working together.

And extra strong we become, when working together, - exactly at the same time.


.. And playfully easy it becomes, when both sides, right and left, instead of working in opposite direction,
work together in the same direction,
towards the same goal.


A simple tool for this, is Silence - Music - Song.





Therefore this invitation: 


That we now all unite, - and together create a GLOBAL WAVE OF PEACE






To put the Wave of Peace into action, and step by step increase its power, we need an action plan.

An action plan, - based on
free public peace events, - by uniting in silence, - and sing together.

Also live through media.

By this we all get the opportunity, - to work together at the same time, - towards the same goal, - peace.
Even sitting at home alone, - or anywhere.

Practice makes perfect.


Step 1 in the plan goes like this:

Start with a peace-practice in Norway, - by the Monolith in the Vigeland-park in Oslo,
and other places all over where it is natural.


Unite in
silence, - and sing a simple peace song , - together.


Next, step by step, week by week in 12 weeks, continue with
practices all around the Nordics.
- Uniting all the Nordic peoples and countries, included the Baltics, the same way.


By this, we all in the North get the opportunity, - to work together at the same time, - towards the same goal.

And step by step, unite into one peaceful family.


And from the City Hall Square in Oslo, unite the Nordics and confirm this.




The next steps

every six-month, step by step, country by country, - unite the rest of
America, Asia/Australia and Africa the same way.



By this, - we create a Global Wave of Peace, - all around the world in three years.







We will never experience peace in life only by hoping. - Nor expecting or demanding others to create it for us.

By taking responsibility as a person, we do create peace.

Working together as fellow citizens, by ...





we create a















Everyone who has a voice, can also sing a song.
You do not have to be a star of fame, to do so.
A quiet whispering voice inside - is strong enough.


By uniting in silence and sing together, all over Norway,
we are able to create a powerful wave of peace.


Step by step, uniting all over the Nordics, the same way,

the wave becomes groundbreaking.


Step by step, uniting all around the world,

the wave turns into a ..






By uniting in silence and sing together, - we achieve this:







is creative energy







creates circles in the water

in the water of life.






united, - is synergy

creates power for transforming.






globally, - transforms the earth into

The Star of Peace


Israeli - Palestinian, Jude - Christian - Muslim, American - Europeen - Asian - African,
woman - man, girl - boy, mother - father, sister - brother, old - young, black - white, unknown - known, poor - rich.

No matter who we are, or where we live in the world:

We are all world citizens, equal world citizens.

The song called World Citizen
, - easy for everyone to sing, - is supporting this.


The song is built on three simple words:   EMMME YA TONU


This means, - the sun of women, - a name of the Sirius star.




The rays of Sirius has equal qualities as the sun.


Here on earth, ... it is the newborn child, ... the new world citizen, - who is the sun.


The song World Citizen, is therefore giving ...

- An extra power to all new world citizens.

- An extra power to all children.

- An extra power to the child in us all.


As a tool in the plan, the song expresses:


- We are all world citizens.

- All sisters and brothers, in the same global family.




World Citizen starts in


Silence ... and has 3 equal verses ...










To support the global wave of peace, a declaration is following:


The Worldpeace Declaration



We appeal to all people aroud the world, - to adopt the declaration, which is saying:

By our own power - we are creating the peace, ... by love.




The most important, and the true work in life ... is love.


Love is the very seed, - and the very cause we all are living.
We have all been created out of love.

We therefore all rise from the very same essence, and have all the same origin.
- We are all sisters and brothers, - related to one another.


Inside of everyone of us, -
there is living a child.

We are all in the need of respect, security and care.
- To be loved just the way we are.


Our plan will succeed, and has already succeeded, when we know:
It is the child in everyone we love.







Victory of life, seed of life.

Blooming, spring, joy of life.


By willing, we easily set on fire,

the game of life, in which we never get tired.


The child is playing without any rest.

Adults know, this is life at the best.










The Peace Stone
... is also supporting. 



The Peace Stone we pass forward, to every place we unite and practice.
From country to country, continent to continent, all around the world, as a relay stick.


The last sentence in the declaration is inscribed.

By our own power, we are creating the peace, ... by love.




And with others this is ...





than the Polar Lights






than going to Mars






than the Atomic Bomb






like the Western Wind









The United Nations goal is clear:
A world without violence and lasting peace.


Creating this, all the leaders of the UN countries were gathered September 2000.

They adopted The Millennium Declaration.


The Declaration is saying:



2.     We have a collective responsibility, in particular to the children of the world.


4.     We are determined to establish just and lasting peace all over the world.


5.           Ensure that globalization becomes a positive force for all. Through broad and sustained efforts.


8.      We will spare no effort to free our peoples from the scourge of war.


30.   Give greater opportunities to the civil society in general to contribute.




The peace-plan based on Silence - Music - Song is an answer.     


It is therefore a wish, to present the plan at the United Nations General Assembly.












Freedom spirit is rising in the world



Love is rising in the world



Peace is rising in the world