Through our free will, we as human beings liberate the power of goodness.

When we live out our free will together, we create a good society.

When we all together live out our free will, we create an ideal society. - A society without hate, war and violence.


Through enlightenment, and by helping each other, we create this.
Not by force and belligerent power.

The experience of all the evil and violence in our time,
is this because, - we by force once started to obstruct and take away each other´s free will and independence.

And so on, eye by eye, tooth by tooth, this has developed. And the world has become what it is.

To day we mobilize all to repair the damage. This by controlling each
other’s willpower, and still by the use of force.
We still legitimate the use of force, to secure us against new force encroachments, and to equalize the balance of power.
But the use of force does not give lasting results. The world is telling.

It is only by the free will, voluntariness, we create lasting good solutions.

This because, from nature, the free will power always is good.

Because it is only the free will which is giving the individual his own power of judgment, and the ability to reject the evil.
Giving freedom to another human being, is therefore never any threat or damage to the society as a whole.
It is when we obstruct or take away the freedom, the damage come into existence.

Freedom is an obligant principle.

Freedom is a redeeming and maintaining principle.

Freedom is an eternal principle !


This because the freedom of one single individual, always is completely depended on the freedom of all others.
Building the society and the world based on voluntariness, therefore never imply any danger to mankind.



True Freedom, - lasting freedom and peace among people, we experience when we without fear, do trust our own and others free will.
Trust that the free will power always is bringing the best.

Therefore it is only fear itself, we have to conquer.
When fear is conquered, we trust ourselves, and we act with independence and responsibility, to the best for all.

True Freedom is a network of human beings who without fear are living together out of
free will, independence and responsibility.

Necessary is it therefore, that we define love as the true work of man.

Because the true meaning of love, - is giving freedom.







among people is