December 10, 1948 - article 1, - has stated clearly:

All human beings are born free "


" .. and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. "


Of this, - we all have the right to grow up and live, - in a free and peaceful world.



The world we live in, - we create.
Here and now, - today, - every day, - every moment in life.

And every single one of us, is taking part in this.


By our thoughts, words and acting.
We are all influencing the world around us.


This matters also the violence in the world.

Terror, conflicts, wars, - violence in the neighbourhood, - in families, and all the daily violence in media.
We know today:
- The violence is influencing all.


And because of this, we all have the responsibility, to do something about it.
By respect for each other and the nature.
By t
aking responsibility, - tell our meaning, - help and serve one another.
And by working together, - we are creating a better world.



The world today is so interdependent, that there will be no peace and freedom in our personal life,
without peace and freedom for all.


World violence has become our mutual individual challenge.

Because no state, - organization, or single individual in the world, manage this job for us alone.

No one in the whole world, manage this job for us alone.


Only as single individuals, as fellow citizens united, we manage.


As single individuals we are not without influence.
As fellow citizens together we are strong, and create great differences.







In the spirit of brotherhood
- in care and compassion with one another.
For all, - just now experiencing violence in life.

We need to unite and create a better world.


Because as long there exists only one of us, no matter whom, no matter where, - who does not experience peace and freedom in life, we have a job to do.


Because every time there is violence, - it is a tragedy.


Because every time, - it is the very seed in life, that is crushed and lamed.

- To love and be loved.








We need to day a free and secure world.


By uniting our efforts everything is possible.


By taking responsibility as a person and work together as people,
it is possible to create ...