We are in a global fight against violence and terror.

The enemy is no longer only defined as countries and leaders, - but as groups, cells, members of organizations and individuals.
And even with world history’s most intensified intelligence and supervision, the enemy lives among us and have no marks.

The picture of enmity is by this fully extended. - By considering any citizen as a potential threat.




When we kick a ball against a wall, it returns.

Every action creates a reaction.


Action by the single individual creates a reaction by the society.

Action by the society creates a reaction by the individual.

World-wide violence, war and terror, is by this a reaction of the use of force and violence world-wide.

By using force and violence, we only nourish and increase the power of violence, which seeks new ways and individuals
to announce, and strike back.




Like there is light and darkness in the world, there is good and evil.
But this is only forces living inside us all.

It is difficult to catch the ray of light, by the grasp of the hand.
Likewise the darkness and the evil.

We therefore never succeed liberating us from the violence by the continued use of force.
We succeed by seeking the free spirit in ourselves nourishing the good.

And by love, - understanding, respect, forgiveness, gratitude, care and enlightenment, the good power inside of us all
will empower and react, and the society will bloom and flourish of free, loving and secure citizens.

Our most important intelligence is therefore, not searching for enemies out in the world,
but to seek and find the free good spirit inside ourselves.

Our strongest tool as individuals and as society is therefore:

To put the free spirit into action !